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What is the Colorado Theology University?

Colorado Theology University constitutes a program of study that is catered to Muslims living in the World. It draws on the wisdom and experience of traditional Islamic institutions worldwide while taking into consideration the historical-critical approach to studying religion as taught in World universities. The curriculum attempts to combine the best and most practical way of studying Islam by utilizing modern pedagogical methods, while remaining within the paradigm of an Islamic worldview.

What programs do you offer ?
On successful completion of the entire program, a student will receive a degree certifying that they possess a sound foundation in the most essential Islamic sciences. This will enable them to thoroughly understand Islam, navigate through the modern discourse on the subject, and also impart the knowledge they have gained to others. It will provide them with a core foundation to filter un-Islamic ideas as well as arm them with tools needed to spread Islam wherever they go. The program prepares one to become an asset to the community at large by realizing that Islam is a holistic way of life manifested in all layers of society.

  • We focus on practical, beneficial knowledge for people living today. We emphasize teaching the core subject matter in every course, rather than getting caught up over irrelevant or impractical details.
  • We loathe overspecializing in only a few subjects. A balanced Islamic education requires that Theology, Islamic Law, History, Hermeneutics and other subjects all be studied at a foundational level.
  • We give students the tools to understand and connect with Islamic teachings on a deeper level.
  • Everything we teach is based on the Qur’an and the authentic teachings of the Prophet [Sunnah]. When there is room for different interpretations, rather than pushing a particular school of thought in theology or jurisprudence.
  • We maintain respect for legitimate scholarly differences of opinion.
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